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August 25, 2017

A friend once said of my photographs that they look as if I live on my own little magical private island. I take my photos whenever I can, on lunchtime walks and weekend dog walks, even when I’m putting the bin out in the morning.

I’m not sure exactly what draws me to take a picture. More often than not, the edit is just as important a part of the process to me as the original photo, necessary to communicate and even enhance the original atmosphere. I am not a ‘purist’ and am happily to utilise available tools to achieve my desired result, although I do steer clear of the preset filters.

Posting regularly to Instagram has forced me to try to push my own boundaries and try not to repeat myself, looking for something interesting in seemingly everyday situations. I never go anywhere without my iPhone and Olloclip!

I’m a sunset and sunrise fanatic and get way too excited when a good one happens. I am often seen at the side of the road somewhere between home and work capturing a ‘moment’.

I love landscapes and cloudscapes but am equally drawn to the macro world with it’s infinite levels of detail. I love symmetry, light, colour and texture and I’m driven to create beautiful photos of things which most people would walk past without even noticing.

Although a long term Photoshop addict of some 20 years now, most of my edits and tweaks are applied on my iPhone using Snapseed – with final dustings in Instagram’s app prior to posting.

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